6.5 saum


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Build specs:

24” Brux #3 8twist spiral fluted
Hawkins bdl bottom metal
Lone peak ti razor
Trigger tech special trigger
Manner eh2

smith work done by Vestals custom rifles. Rifle has about sixty shots through it. I am just not in love with it. I think I built it a little to light.

I also have 100 adg brass sixty once fired and 100 Bertram brass, Whidden bushing dies, and a modified case to measure the chamber.

I would like to get 4000 obo out of the whole package. (Scope and rings not included)

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No it doesn’t have a break but it is threaded 9/16-24 with a thread protector. I was going to run it suppressed.

I don’t know exactly how much it weighs but I would say 6-7lbs with a leupold vx-5.


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I want to say two in the magazine and one in the chamber but I am not 100% on that this is all that I have tried to put in it.


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Put a brake on it and shoot it!
I have one without threads and similar build and another one that's similar set up and threaded with a brake, huge difference
You just might fall in love with it!

Nice set up man


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I prolly will end up keeping it. It is a nice rifle just night and day to the heavier longer barreled guns I normally shoot.