6.5 saum and 6.5 300 saum


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Jul 27, 2011
manitoba, canada
what if any is the difference between the two
They’re both wild cats so there could be a few different variations in free-bore (I believe GAP had 2 or three different reamer specs for free bore) also there are a few variations on neck thickness (neck turn vrs no-turn)
There may be a difference in case trim length specs as well. as far as I have seen most of them have been specked to use the 7mm rsaum case length (longer than the 300 rsaum case) but a “6.5 300 rsaum” chamber may be shorter and require you to trim brass down if you use 7mm rsaum brass as the parent case
Only way to know for sure would be to have the reamer specs or in leu of that get the chamber cast with lead...

All of them should headspace the same...

I used a Manson reamer for mine, 0.100” freebore, same trim length as 7mmrsaum and neck diameter large enough to accommodate thick necks when using 300 rsaum brass (no-turn)


Hope that helps


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