6.5 remington mag


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Jun 10, 2003
I am looking at getting a 24 inch semi-heaby barrel in 6.5 rem mag for my encore. i will use it for hunting deer, hogs, etc., in the texas hill country. just wondering what you guys think about this caliber. i have no experience with the 6.5's. thanks
Why not a 6.5 based on the WSM or RSAUM? Just get rids of that belt, for what that's worth.

You would also get very similar performance from the 6.5-284. So another thing to consider.

i am looking at buying the barrel off gunbroker.com. it is already built and i cant afford a cutom one.

I am based in the UK, and I am about to acquire a 6.5 x 68.

It is a 6.5 based on the 8 x 68 RWS case but necked down. I also have little experience of the 6.5, and was going to post until you beat me to it!! Looking at the loading Data, the Rem Mag,Win Mag, and 68 all come out very close, so there should be little between them. However, the 6.5 bullet in the heavier loadings has some high readings for sectional density. It should be a good penetrator.

I look forward to the replies. I am intersted in size and distance of game that it is felt can properly be taken with the 6.5 bullet.


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