6.5 PRC velocity loss.


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Jan 10, 2013
Meridian, Idaho
2 things mentioned is the validity of the chrono and zero point shift. They are not related. 0 fired to 1x fired brass do generally have different fps and impact points due to the change in the case and tension unless you are very specifically trying to recreate unfired brass spec's. To lose 200 fps you'd be dropping 2-3 grains of powder likely. That is not going to happen with fired vs non fired brass. Moisture content is not even in the mix at this point imho.

Here is what I'd do. Rezero that load with the 1x fired brass. Shoot 500-750 and check drop data. This is the old school method we all used back in the day before labradar and magnetospeed. If you can shoot further without any up/down drafts then go for it. Usually 500-750 area is excellent for feedback without introducing too much vertical from atmospheric.


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Feb 8, 2011
I think best bet is to run the drop data. For that load. Is there online calculator to check that data for my specific load
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