6.5 PRC starter kit (fired brass, dies, bullets, factory ammo)

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Moving on to other pastures.

57 pieces Hornady once fired brass
  • Tumbled, deprimed, some necks have been chamfered, not sure how many can’t remember
  • Full length sized Bumped 2 thousands back for my chamber, may not chamber in yours without further sizing to your chamber. I used the wheeler method.
3 pieces Hornady once fired brass
  • Cleaned up just like the other, only difference is full length sized to factory headspace to match the factory ammo
Hornady custom grade dies, 2 die set
  • Good condition, sized die has plier marks on lock ring from me being an idiot. Works fine, just stupidity marks should be well photographed.

90+ loose Hornady 147 eldm bullets, I believe there are 93 bullets in here, but don’t want to shaft anyone.

11 pieces unfired Hornady precision hunter 143 elder with box

17 pieces unfired Hornady match 147 eldm with box + 2 once fired brass

90$ shipped ups lower 48
785E7AD9-21A2-474A-B98A-BE7AE5317C2F.jpeg 9553E5D3-EC8C-45B2-80AA-C43179EFC641.jpeg 53F8167B-2401-485E-93D6-5E2FDEF444A5.jpeg 3E454B6C-513F-4B7A-AF88-F5C55B57E90D.jpeg
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What did you move onto and why did you get rid of the 6.5 PRC?

I am reducing my cartridge breadth to only extremely common offerings that have tremendous aftermarket and factory support. This way I have fewer cartridges to maintain, it’s cheaper to do so, I can use the same ammunition for various rifles in a pinch and can greatly increase my prepared ammunition stocks. I also have a newborn and don’t have the time I thought I would to reload.

I am working toward only using 223, 6.5 creed, 3006 and 300 win mags.

My prc shot extremely well, and I really enjoyed it. However, it gave me little advantages over a creed while hunting in the east where I live, and I can’t shake my love for win mags for the west.

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