6.5 prc powders

Hard rock

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Dec 20, 2020
Tomball Texas 77377
How much n165 are you using and with what bullet. Also what fps are you getting. I have n165 but haven't tried it yet. Thanks
I load 58.3 grs with the 124 gr hammer hunter 3300 fps 57.3 grs with the 131 gr hammer hunter 3180 fps and working a load up with the 123 gr absolutes 63.5 grs compressed at 3452 . I think n560 might work better with the 123 gr all loads are with cci 250 primers . 004 neck tension lee crimp 1-4 turn .145 throat 2 diff rifles 25 in bartlein 1-7.5 twist and a 26 in proof sendero light pre 64 mod 70 and Curtis Axiom the mod 70 shoots the 131 gr hammer if you those loads start low and work up hope that helps