6.5 prc load help


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May 28, 2020
Ok need some help . Price of components and availability as you know suck…
CA ridge line
6.5 prc

Berger 156gr
Lapua brass
BR2 primer
Retumbo powder

Gonna start load about 57.0 gr and work up but problem is seat depth.
OACL in the lands is 3.090 and I don’t like stuffing into lands. And too long cartridge anyway. How far off lands should I start. Mostly on used Hornady bullets so bergers new to me so any help would be great thanks guys….!!!
My CA ridge line tack drives 156 bergers with a seating depth of 2.950, which is SAAMI coal. I had no issues getting an accurate load with this seating depth. You have to make sure your bullets fit in the magazine with the Christensens so I went with factory depth. Don’t remember how far off lands that is without looking back at notes. No experience with Retumbo in the PRC but I would imagine it won’t be too hard to find a load.
My load is
ADG Brass
H1000- 56.5 grains. 57 shot slightly better but mild pressure signs.
CCI 250
156 Berger
I would definitely start at lower charge and work your way up to be safe .
My Load is
Lapua brass
H1000 - 56.2 grains
156 Berger
COAL 3.028 which is .035 off the Lands
Man that sucks having a short throat for that cartridge! Since Whitetail has the same gun and he can get a coal of 90 thou more sounds bad on CA's part! Have you called them about why such a short throat?
OK ill start lower and try .030 off and work out from there. Thanks for the relies guys always nice to get feedback....
Watch where the bearing surface is. I've had some both ways.......to far in and to far out. Unfortunate experience has taught me that when using published data. I don't have any 156's, so not sure how deep it could be seated?