6.5 PRC for Aoudad??

You’re probably good. I personally used a .300 win mag and would again if I ever get to go again. They are tough though. I watched my buddies ram take three hits from a 160gr accubond out of a 7mm Rem mag. The last put him down with a solid neck shot.

Neck shot or nothing on those boogers. Hide is very thick & coarse, like skinning a hog and there is no "peeling" the hide. They're built more like a donkey than a deer.
Neck shot or nothing on those boogers. Hide is very thick & coarse, like skinning a hog and there is no "peeling" the hide. They're built more like a donkey than a deer.
Sorry, any plastic tip accubond blows though any hide. Aoudad is no different. Moose has the thickest fur coat I have ever seen. Accubond goes right through to the other side.
Well guys my report would fall in line what the blur just said. I chose to use my 300 Win Mag with 180 Accubonds over using the 6.5 PRC. Maybe next time on the PRC. 330 yards through both shoulders dropped In his tracks. No bullet recovery. Great hunt. Sure hope to do it again.
Pics man!
Last weekend.
6.5 prc
Berger 156 EOL

I have a possible chance to hunt free range Aoudad in west Texas. This will be the first time for me on these critters. They are known for being big boned and considered tough. I have recently finished building a 6.5 PRC on a medium Zermatt action, Shilen barrel and it’s topped with a Leupold VX5HD 3-15x44. I’ve developed a load that the rifle shoots very well and I’ve run it out to 500 yards on 4” steel. I’m shooting a Barnes 127 LRX at 3040 muzzle velocity, 2282 muzzle energy and still holding a velocity of 2117 at 500 yards and 1264# of energy. (Calculated with StrelokPro). For you guys that have hunted Aoudad will that be enough of a gun to handle the job?
Probably good but I used 147 ELDX for mine. Also @ 500 plus. Fun hunt in rugged country.
I think I have about decided to take the 300 Win Mag. with 180 Accubonds. Both it and the PRC shoot very well. This may be the only time (I hope not) that I get to do this and I don't want to make a mistake I could have prevented. Sure grateful for all the comments and feedback all !
300 WM. Barbara HMR-pro. Small bore target reduced for shooting at 50’. Shot at 100 yds! Just breaking in, less than 100 rds shot! Breaking in pipe


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As his username would suggest, this gentleman is right on target on this subject (small pun intended). I have only taken a handful of Aoudad myself, but based on my limited experience I also fall into the 6.5 PRC is plenty camp. I would probably run a bullet in the 140-156gn range personally to get all the BC I could, anticipating a longer shot with the wind conditions likely being less than ideal. But to each his own, and as others have said I'm sure your 127gn load will get it done.

As Aoudad shooter1975 suggests however, proper shot placement on these critters is critical. Remember, these were originally "African game animals" and their vitals are more forward and much lower than most people who haven't hunted them before realize. I have been on hunts with guys who thought they "put 5 great shots on one and it still wouldn't go down." In reality, while they would've been great shots on deer, they weren't punching holes in anything vital on the ram.
That what I was told both times in Africa. That their heart is forward. I had a hard time doing that. I've been a crease shooter for a very long time and it's hard to brake that habit.
Very nice animal too!!!!
Glad your hunt worked out 300 win mag is never a bad option. We shot a pretty old ewe on Friday night. 6mm ARC did her in. Point is you can kill them with **** near anything—but when your a paying customer, you don’t know the land or conditions…and really cannot pick your day—-use what your shoot best—and the more performance you can squeeze the better.
No Kidding! My Aoudad hunt was my first ever hunt that I actually "paid" for. Changes your mindset a little.

I learned this when hunting international. You show up—and some guides are good—-others not so good. Language barriers sometimes bad—sometimes ok but not perfect, most of the time shots are 20%~30% further than expected, and you just dropped 10-40k or more on the hunt. When I started using a 33 cal that I practiced and learned to poke out there a ways. Makes me feel better.