6.5 Creedmor on 700SA


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Feb 21, 2012
I am hoping to get a little help on a build i am doing for a buddy of mine.I just want to start off by saying I am a machinist, BUT I AM NO GUNSMITH!So all info is appreciated. He has a REM700SA he wants to use, and he is planning on shooting 130gr VLD's. He would like to be able to magazine feed but he will single feed if it would produce best accuracy and need be. So i guess here are the main questions

1. Dave kiff @ PRG told him that to mag feed out of the SA we would need to cut it with .08 freebore (to seat the vld in the lands) but the boat tail would be in the powder, arguably causing accuracy problems? I believe this is right, please educate me!! I believe he told him the preferred freebore is .123, but he couldn't mag feed. If i ream it with the .123 freebore, is there enough metal in the mag to mill out for the clearance?Please do not hold any of the above to be fact because i did not hear these words for myself.

2.Is the extra length worth it?

i would like any reamer suggestions and any first hand knowledge that you guys could offer me.


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