6.5 Bob AI

Discussion in 'Reloading' started by tangodown, Oct 2, 2018.

  1. tangodown

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    Nov 22, 2010
    Sooo, I’ve made the commitment to the 6.5 Bob AI and my rifle is ready for pickup.... AND THEN.... I hit the proverbial brick wall Ben I started looking for dies and reloading information... The information I had previously linked to was no longer there....Any and all information would be greatly appreciated!!
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    Jul 19, 2014
    Steve's page has data for the non ackley versions. You could probably just start at the top.

    Good luck and shoot straight

  3. MNbogboy

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    Jul 14, 2009
    I have two 6.5 Bob A.I. 40 deg.
    Midway had the RCBS dies on clearance at the time (6 or 8 years ago ?). I bought a PTG reamer at the same time.
    Mine like H4831sc. I use Nosler ballistic tips (120 & 140 gr). I have had limited success with 143 eldx with my 8 twist barrel. The 9 twist barrel also liked Berger 130 vldh.
    I have necked up 257 Roberts brass but the necks end up way short (.015-.030) after fireforming. Same with 7mm mauser brass.
    I have also converted longer brass including 25-06, 270 and 30-06. This is a time consuming process but you can end up with full length necks (and donuts).
    Best solution for me so far is using 8x57 mauser brass. I have a batch of Hornady all fireformed right now ready for load development this winter.
    Brass volumes depending on the brand & weight vary a lot.
    I believe Norma makes 8x57 brass this most likely would be high quality.
    I have not have to neck turn with my chambers but keep in mind depending on your reamer specs.
    Neck it down leaving a false shoulder so that it chambers "stiff".
    I usually fireform with 47 hrs of h4831sc and 120 or 130 grain "cheap" bullets. The fireforming loads are sometimes amazingly accurate.
    The final product is bad medicine for slopes & deer!
    I get about 3050 fps with 120 ballistic tips pushing them with 51.3 grains of h4831sc (In Rem 270 converted brass).
    Magneto speed shows 2855 with 140 Ballistic tips pushed by 49.5 grs in Hornady converted 25-06 brass (The Hornady brass has more capacity them Rem. The same speed with 48.8 in Rem brass).
    These are not maximum in my two 24" barrels but it is wise to start 5% lower.
    Good luck with your Bob and keep me posted with your progress.