6.5/7mm prc

This is a good idea, should be similar to the 264.WM. leaves plenty of room for the 156. With factory magazine. My 7PRC is a twin to the 7RM, I use 7Rm brass for my 264.WM. Just thinking out loud. IMO 🤔
I have a take-off Tikka barrel in 6.5 PRC to be rechambered to 6.5/7PRC and mounted to a Sako A7 currently a 7mm Mag. Let the fun begin! I want just a little more oomph than my 6.5-06 can provide.
I get the wildcat thing. I’ve been doing it for 30 years. Some real crazy stuff. From 6.5-.338 ultra improved to .458-.375 Ultra mags. No matter what you do to a 7mm PRC case, necking up or down. It’s going to be reall hard to beat the across the board performance of a 7mm PRC with a 180gr ELD-M or Berger Hybrid stuffed in it. That being said, a 6.5- 7mm PRC would be allot of fun.

6.5 PRC II
6.5 PRC+
Peterson stuff is dam good but they error on the side of harder brass to put up with the pressures. I have ther brass in allot of calibers ther primer pockets are stiff and the case heads are very stiff alot of my peterson brass has 5 or 6 fireings on them and the primer pockets are just now getting to the point were they are perfect seating force.

Ther shoulders and necks are tuff stuff to just a little hard to push around when wildcating. As long as you go easy and anneal after every major change you should be allright. You will have some of the best brass ther is
Getting to play with one of the rifles I have chambered in 6.5-7prc today. rl33 has the 156 pushed up 3199. i did my break in procedure with the 147eldx (because I have plenty) and n565 powder. During break in I increased the powder charge while shooting across the chrono the 147s @ 2922,3036,3134,3155,3196 cleaning in between each shot, pic attached there was a couple 2 grn jumps in the process. Will jump back over to the n565 after trying some accuracy groups with rl33 and see what velocity it gives with the 156s


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