6.5-284, M70, Bartlein, Manners, Jewell..


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Nov 11, 2010
Ephrata Washington
0824171901.jpg I have for sale a semi custom Winchester M70 push feed in 6.5-284. Specs are as follows :

1-8 Bartlein 5R medium palma
Manners T3 stock
Jewell trigger
Badger 30mm rings and base
CDI bottom metal with 4 AI magazines
Tubb lightweight firing pin and Duo spring
Harris S-LM bipod with notched legs and spiked feet
Pelican case

All metal is Cerakoted in McMillan tan. Scope and suppressor are not included. Brass and some loaded ammo will go with it. Always shot suppressed, approximately 900-950 rounds down the tube. Never loaded hot or pushed to max pressures. 140 Berger Hybrids or 140 RDF's go about 2,930 fps. 0824171901.jpg 0824171903.jpg 0824171916.jpg $2,100 shipped to the lower 48.
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