6.5-284 loads/expected velocity


Oct 2, 2002
Yeah, its that Canadian south paw again. Can anybody tell me what they're using in the 6.5-284 and what kind of velocities I can achieve (reasonably) with 120s and 140s out of a 24" bbrl? Can you duplicate 6.5-06 velocities? I've been discussing my SA pjct. with the gunsmith I've selected (Karl Schmidt out of Edm.) and he strongly suggests using a standard length rather than a short action. I'm also down to either a Rem. 700 long action or a Sako (available in stainless which I prefer) Any advice on the Sako vs. the Rem? I like the idea of good Norma brass but I got spooked by a knowledgeable friend who had a bad experience years ago with very poor .284 brass, and therefore frustration with a 6.5-284. This is likely a once in a lifetime project and I don't want to screw up, so I apologize in advance for what probably seems like a bunch of dumb questions.




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Jun 13, 2007
Wilmington NC
Concur with your gunsmith about the long action if you plan on it being a repeater vs single shot. 140s are too long to fit in action of any repeater short action.

As for Rem vs Sako, take your pick.

I would recommend at least a 26" barrel to take advantage of the case capacity. 24" is really limiting your potential with the 6.5-284.

If you went to a 6.5-06 Ack Imp and long barrels, you might add 100 fps over the 6.5-284 but that is all. Brass quality on the 6.5-284 has really picked up and you have 3-4 good mftrs now and I think Lapua is one of them. They would be my first choice if available. Their brass has lowest variances of any brass out there as far as I have seen.

Good luck



I used 57 grs of H1000 and reached 3030fps with a 28.5" barrel...

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