6.5-284 and twist rates.


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Dec 25, 2001
Central Washington.
In the past I have owned a 6.5-284 with a Schnieder 1-9 twist,It shot the 142 Sierra Mk's great along with the 95gr hornady V-max's.At the time I am haveing one built with a 28" Krieger 1-8 1/2 twist and from what I have read it should shoot the 142's along with the 95's well.I just closed a trade for a 6.5-284(.290) with a 28" Pac-Nor Super Match with a 1-8,Have any of you tried the lighter bullets such as the 95's Etc in a 1-8?

My reason for asking is that I read a post on the GGVG board about a problem with the V-Max's breaking up from a 260AI with a 1-8 twist and his velocities were under 3500..

I would like to hear any input some of you have on the lighter bullets regarding twist rate,1-9,1-8 1/2,1-8 and how they have shot for you.I would like to think that the 95 gr V-max should shoot in a 1-8..

Landon M.

gonzo exspress

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Apr 20, 2003
I have a 6.5 284 With A douglas barrel, mark 10 action with a keplinger two stage trigger, with a mcmillian A2 stock, the douglas barrel has a 1-9 twist and I could never get it to shoot the 140 gr. any thing, but now I got the 129 hornady and the 120 gr. nosler ballistic tips to shoot pretty good. When I have the barrel redone I will most likely go with the 1-8 twist I do beleive that 1-9 will shoot the lighter bullets better than the 1-8 but the 1-8 is what I want because I want to shoot the heavier bullets. I never have shot the 95 grainers though in my gun but I may try them just to see what they do for me. I really do like the 6.5 284 though it is fine catridge.

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