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Jan 17, 2004
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Short and sweet 26" barrle 190 grain SKM about 3000 fps. How far will a 56 moa scope get me zeroed a 100 yards. Am thinking about lupy Vari-X-II in 6x18x40AO Target. This scope has 56moa and if I need more could get a Ken Farrel 15 moa base. Sounds pretty good for the money. One other question how does everyone feel about the Bushnell yardage pro 1000? Worth the money, or any better bets for the same money out there? Thanks alot for any ideas
Based on drop calcs I've done on my 300winmag pushing 190 Sierra Mk's @ 3026, you'll drop 26 MOA from a 100 yard zero to 1000 yards. Without an angled base, you should be able to get to at least 1000 yards with that scope.

Hope this helps.

In std. cond. the 190 SMK @ 3000 fps needs about 26.5 MOA elevation to get to 1000 yds from your 100 yds zero. BUT you have to add the about 3.6-4.0 MOA elevation needed to zero at 100 yds (depending on your scope height).
So your scope needs about 30.5 MOA to get to 1000, and this is still discounting the ever present mounting problems: if the base does not sits perfectly horizontal on the action this can add or substract MOA, and if you have to make any significant (more than a few MOA) windage correction this will also eat up your available internal elevation in the scope. Also if you can get to 1000 yds using all your internal elevation, then there is no room for dialing windage corrections.
I would say you need at least 40 MOA elevation from your 100 yds zero to shoot comfortably at 1000 yds. Since your scope has 56 MOA total elevation you need a 15 MOA base.
would recommend a the 20 moa base from Farrel. will be closer to optical center for longer shots. also definitely the lieca 1200 versus the bushnell.


you might want to look at burris signature rings, you can get up to 40" more verticle,
I have one of the bushnell YP 1000, I can only range to about 600 yards off of trees, 800 if everything is perfect

i agree with BH--get the 20moa base--i have one under that same scope on my 308.

LEICA--without a doubt--every one in a while you'll ge ta good bushnell 1000 that will beat a LEICA 800 --yes 800, but in my side-by-side test with my leica 800 and melvin lentz's bush-1000, mine stomped his.

56 moa will probably get you to between 1300 and 1500yds.


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Well just wondering is there any good scopes out there for under 400 that have more than 56 moa and atleast upto 18 power, and sounds like licea it will be. Thanks for all the help everyone, thats why this forum RULES!!!! Jason
The specs on the scope you state are 56 inches @ 100 yards (~ 56 MOA) maximum elevation.

Figure to zero at 1/2 the available (no tapered base option) elevation so you now only have 28 MOA available. Take away ~3 MOA to get to 100 yards as mentioned by Tirofijo and you're down to 25 MOA available. Probably very close to being a little short for 1000 yards and then there's no windage available as previously mentioned (scope is at the upper stops, tube-within-a-tube).

Put on a tapered base, 20 moa or so and get enough to reach to 1000 yards and still have some horizontal travel left for windage. You're cutting things pretty close with the selected scope.

These numbers assume you're receiver is perfect and you won't lose any elevation due to receiver problems. I generally try to figure for the worst and get an extra elevation model scope and add a tapered base.
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