557-yd. AR-15 Coyote


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Feb 26, 2003
Pueblo, CO
Was out at one of my favorite haunts last week and got 1 at 557 with my ISSI AR 223 AI/65 SGK @ 3150/225 zero/Weaver V16 3 MOA TK Lee reticle pictured here. Interesting story. Spotted him from the middle butte in the picture and he was laying raising his head now and then. Lasered at 880-some yds. Too far with this setup. So i sees this closer butte off at a tangent (the lower one above the muzzle). Lasered it and figured it would get me around 500-600 yds--perfect. So i marked the spot as well as i could and took off after the closer butte. 5-10 minutes and i was setup on top of it ready...but couldn't find the coyote at this different angle. I knew he was close to 1 of 2 big cholla cactus, so i get setup and howl. Studied 1 of the cholla for a couple seconds--nothing. Then scanned to the next 1 and sure enuf he's sitting up looking at me. Quickly took a reading with the Geovids at 557. Checked my dope in the Butler Creek scope cap cover and i had to aim 2.8 3 MOA subtension units down for the shot--totally calm conditions. Looked back into the ocular found him put the 2.8 interpolative spot on him and shot. Regained sight picture and saw him scrambling around. He regained his feet for a couple seconds made a short death run and it was over. At that range bullet hit slightly low and ripped him up pretty good. No time to skin him ut took his tail. Oh well--

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Another great shot Steve good going.I was out calling a few days ago and had a coyote standing broadside about that same distance but I knew my shooting skills were not up to the task so I let it pass.Keep up the good work.

Thats what long range hunting is all about! Coyote hunting really makes a "sniper" out of us, because they're smart enough to usually only give us one shot. Sometimes too smart for even one good shot. That's definately long range considering the .223 caliber and AR rifle.

What kind of groups do you get at 200 or 300 yds w/ your gun?
steve, i would assume the dots are set up for that specific cartridge/mv? what spacing are they? are the wind dots a specific distance?

No it's not a trajectory-specific BDC reticle. It's a 3 MOA vertical system and 4 MOA windage.
Here's the dope for the 65 SGK @ 3150 mv using that reticle and 10 mph windage calcs.--

Congratulations. Nice shooting!!! Good story and pics. That's one impressive AR-15 rig ya got there. Thanks for sharing.
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Very nice for a 'rifle' mister reticle ;-))) That's the only one I would use when not handgunning. It's perfect for predators.
Did you use a call or el natural like you did the nite we headed back to camp in Casper in the dark and they were singing to us? You sure are muliti talented !
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