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  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hi guys good to see the site going well.

    I notice one source of 50 BMG ammo might run at 13000ftlbs, barnes lists loads over 14,000ftlbs etc.

    Basically what safe maximum kinetic energy matches up to what barrel length-
    30,36, 45 etc

  2. Charles Garcia

    Charles Garcia Member

    Mar 7, 2003

    I have been looking into the 50cal off and on for some time. I haven't really thought about the energy of the gun. It is really too much for practical reasons. Since I don't have a 50 cal yet. I think you need to narrow down the question some.
    I have been told the original loading for the 50 cal from WWII was 2750fps in the 750 grain bullet from the 48 inch barrels. This is probably coservative since they had to perform in all kinds of situations and temperatures. I talked with a guy and he has the 750 grain Amax bullets going 2750fps in a 36 inch barrel. I saw his cases and primers were flatned some on every one, had case neck splits by the second shooting, so I would say he is pushing the loads too high. I would say that around 25 fps per inch of barrel would apply for this on different barrel lenghts. Do you handload this?

  3. Guest

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    Thanks for your reply mate.
    I don't own yet but also have been looking into it.My interest in maximums are not because I load them but rather have always been curious about the 50 since there is such a variation in published data not always mentioning the barrel length involved.
    I found this site for barrel length and other articles.

  4. Nighthawk

    Nighthawk Well-Known Member

    Mar 2, 2002
    Could someone clarify something for me. A couple weeks ago I asked a question about how much would it take to get a 773 grain .50 bullet to hit the 3000 fps mark and from the responces I got it would take a 40" Barrel. I checked on that velocity with that grain bullet and the energy almost reached 17,000 foot pounds. Now I read this and I see people get a 750 grain at 2750 with a 48" tube. [​IMG]