50 BMG Reloading Equipment and Components


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Feb 12, 2012
Houston Texas
I recently purchased a single shot bolt action 50 with match chamber and 32” SS barrel. Have to upsize my reloading equipment for this cartridge since almost nothing I currently have will do. I have a RCBS AmmoMaster with both the 1 ½” and 1 ¼” top plates so I’m good there. I’m looking for dies (not Lee), shell holder, ram priming system, bullet puller, neck expander mandrel for turning (I have the Sinclair large size body), neck turning tool with shell holder, primer pocket uniformer, case trimmer and deburr tool. Would also like to get a Hornady modified case, and the tools to measure headspace and bullet ogive.

For components: For accuracy work, I’m looking for 50-80 high quality cases such as Lapua, RUAG, RWS and IMI. Still undecided on bullets but leaning towards the Cutting Edge single feed MTAC since they work so well in my 375 SnipeTac. But open to suggestions on something equivalent, the Lehigh 750gr looks interesting. For general plinking stuff, I’d like to pick up 100 LC unfired pull downs and prep them from there. Not interested in brass that has been fired in an M2. Pats Reloading is near where I live so can pick up primers, mil pull down pullets and powder from them. Will have to buy the good powder for the accuracy work. Probably H50BMG since I have that already.

Let me know what you have. Always open to advice and suggestions so shoot me a PM. Depending on response, I may not be able to buy all this stuff at once so please be patient. I need to stretch out these purchases a bit so my wife doesn’t get sticker shock!

Thanks - Jay


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