5.56 NATO reloading help


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Sep 30, 2004
Canhunter35, take a look at Alliant reloading. I use AR-comp for 62 grain and the 2000-mr for anything heavier. I also have 18 and 20 inch rifle length gas systems. I shoot a lot so I bought lots of high BC 62 gr hpbt's Midway had a great price on 75's so I bought a couple of thousand and did some chrono range time. They shine way out there. one of my quality ar's has a 8X32X60mm. It's quite the squirrel gun!

For quality loading I use Lake City brass of all the same weight and Rem BR primers. Just to get some consistency. I used to trim and chamfer to 1.780. Just to have an longer throat. Shorter stuff I just used for normal use. Wylde match SS barrels. never did see gains in trim length. I used to use H414 for heavies over 62

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