5,000 Coyotes' Worth Of Experience Ready To Help You Learn At Predator University


Mar 6, 2008
Have you ever noticed that seriously qualified people are often modest about their accomplishments? Recently I had the pleasure of being tutored in the fine points of coyote hunting by Tony Tebbe of Predator University in New Mexico and West Texas. Long before the end of our first day together it was clear to me that Tony is the real deal in predator hunting knowledge and the ability to teach it others.

Halfway through our first day together, I put this question to him: "Counting those killed by you, by your calling partner or by a client, how many coyotes have died in your presence?" He thought for a moment and then said matter of factly, "Oh, I guess around 5,000." "Wow," I thought, "I get to pick his brain for a couple of days in the coyote heaven of sagebrush dotted eastern New Mexico and the far western panhandle of Texas. He'll probably be irritated with me for outing him about his 5,000 coyote experience." Well, I say "Too bad, but the world of neophyte predator hunters needs to know." Read More...
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Nice article, looking forward for a Predator University hunting trip.
Thanks for sharing your experience with them, with us.
Thanks Len:D

I sure wish schools like that would have been around 20 some years ago when I started hunting coyotes. It took me a few years and quite a few educated dogs before I could consider myself a true coyote hunter.

I like the looks of Tony's dog. I used to use a Border Collie alot of the time. She never would go out after the shot though.??:rolleyes: She stayed pretty close to me. Perhaps in a few more years, if I can semi-retire from the Oilfield, I can maybe get another one............may have to give him a call then.

Don't beat yourself up too bad about the missed ones, we all do it from time to time unfortunately. I found that the more often I hunt/see coyotes, the less my nerves get to me, and the better I shoot. gun)
Great article Len,

Cindy was wondering what I was laughing at? Your one of a kind humor!
Sounds like he really knows what he`s doing and could teach me alot, but $ 750 for 2 days, plus lodgeing and food while there, not to mention travel from Ohio to NM and back has put it way out of my price range. Just wish I was rich.
Interesting story Len , I will look into Predator University and learn as much as possible from it. Thank you for sharing with us.:)
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nice of you to share with us , i think you just cost me some money , rates are very reasonable , i like to kills hogs too
I first heard about Tony and Predator University here on LRH a couple of years ago. He was advertising coyote dogs for sale. I have yet to hunt with Tony, but I did purchase a pup from one of his litters in late September of 2011.

Tony is a great guy and he spent some time with me while I was out there in NM picking up my pup. "Remmy" is now 9+ months old and has turned out to be everything I expected, and more. This dog loves everyone and has a very even temperment. He is a constant shadow and loves to go hunting with me. So far, he has shown tremendous grit in facing down cows (his mother comes from a herding breed). He listens well and was very easy to train.

While I can't comment on Tony's hunting operation yet, I can highly recommend his dogs. Remmy will be returning hometo Tony in late March to get a couple months of coyote training. I have high hopes for Remmy and I am very appreciative of the service and skills that Tony provides. If any of you are thinking about a hunting dog, you need to take a serious look at what Tony has for sale.
Great article and nice to see another approach and in a different region. I hunted with DORN Coyote dogs with Craig O'Gorman of Broadus MT in the 70's with great results and then with a few other buddies in MT and Idaho. I haven't seen or done that in many years, but it is sure fun! Nice calls on his website also. I would like to get one of the horn howlers for wolf and coyote!
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