465 yd. AR-15 Coyote

Nice, I'm wounderin about the AI, have any crono results? I've got a standard .223 I shoot 75 gr hornadys but still have a spread of about 40 fps in mag legnth rounds. I'm undecided to persue the AR or work the M1A into a mid range varmint getter
You know i think i was getting consistent velocities with it, but i'm at work now, and i'll have to check my notes tomorrow. I know 3100 is about right for a good working load out of my 26" tube. I think it's Re 15, but i gotta check on that.
GP, i'm not sure what my vel. spread was, but i do know if it was significant i wouldn't have used the load. In fact, i just ran the ballistics comparing a 40 f.p.s. deviation, and that equates to only 2" drop variation @ 600 yds. I haven't done any target work with the 70's @ 600 yet, but i'll have to check it out soon. You know Jimmy's also got a 65 with a B.C. of .397. Be nice to try them some time. The only reason i'm shooting the JLK though compared to the BIG 3 is because i got a great deal on 1500 of them several years ago.
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