454 Casull hunting at 100yds+


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Aug 28, 2004
I am looking at using my raging bull 454 casull for long range hunting. i am looking at hunting caribou, black bear and brown bear. anybody have any advise on maximum effective range? just want to try something more challenging.

I shoot a Raging Bull 454 and have no problem with ranges up to 200 yds.

I recommend Cor-Bond 300gr for dangerous game
and winchester 265gr supreme for deer size game.

Barns is now making a 225gr x that you can really load hard / fast and recoil is not bad.

Also I have a 4x Burris on top and find the scope to be very tough.

It also helps me find the steadiest position for the shot.

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Done a fair amount of hunting with 44 Mag, 44 AM and 45 Colt. Some in excess of 100 yds. But Brown Bear over 100 yds is a bit foolish for my way of thinking. Even the 454 at 200 ?...Not saying you can't hit the target but what about a slightly misplaced shot at 200 with a 454 ?. Oh well to each his own. I've taken over 350 head big game with a handgun, even Alaskan Moose with a 357 AM. But those were head shots at 50 yds. Passed up numerous Brown Bear with a handgun until I got what I felt was a comfortable shot with which I had the edge, it was not because I didn't think I couldn't hit one at 200 yds. I just didn't relish the thought of having to go into the bush with a Bear wounded by a slightly misplaced shot. Now if you have taken Brown or Grizz with ANT type firearm you know what I'm talking about. Hunting dangerous game with a handgun is for the select few, and most of them know it is a parlor trick....FWIW, Lee E. Jurras
For those of you who do not know Mr Jurras you would do well to listen. He is one of the most experienced handgun hunters in the world and one that I have learned from more than once. Not to mention the fact that he is the father of modern hollowpoint ammunition. Probably saved as many police officers lives as bullet resistant vests. Can you guys say Super Vel?
I am looking at using my raging bull 454 casull for long range hunting. i am looking at hunting caribou, black bear and brown bear. anybody have any advise on maximum effective range? just want to try something more challenging.

Now that we're on the topic of long range hunting with the .454 Casull cartridge.

I'm going to develop a hand load for my Rossi Puma .454 (mod 92 knockoff) with the Hornady 250 grain FTX bullet (designed for 450 Bushmaster).

The .454 rifle velocities with the 250 grain bullet will be in about the same ball park as those of the Bushmaster round (2100-2200 fps).

The 250 grain FTX doesn't have a cannelure but considering the bullet will be seated almost to the start of the ogive there should be enough grip area so a crimp is not needed.

Other factors are that the flex tips will act as recoil shock absorbers and the bullet will be sitting on the powder.

Maybe the controversial Lee Factory Crimp die might be of some use here as Lee claims it doesn't need a cannelure to crimp a bullet in place ( I am somewhat skeptical but am open minded).

If I'm successful the pointed FTX load might bump the effective hunting range of my Rossi Puma up to 250+ yards.

Two possible problems???......to much cartridge COAL to cycle properly & still load enough powder to generate effective velocities, bullet flight stabilization with the slow twist rate of the Rossi rifle.

Might need to use .45 LC cases??

As always a watchful eye must be kept on pressure signs when case volume is severely limited by a deep seated bullet.

Anybody tried this yet?

Thoughts, suggestions & opinions.
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Suggest a good ruger or freedom arms or SW 460 but never a Tarus.....junk.
A good Ruger 44 mag also is popular here With good 300 gr bullets.
Mostly handguns are for very close quarters encounters and tent protection or wearing when dressing game. Suggest a good quality rifle like a Win 70 in 338 Win , 375 HH or 416 Rem on Kodiak.
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I've Shot many Black Bears, Elk, and Whitetails using my Taurus Raging Bull in 454, And i've never needed a follow up Shot So from my personal experience id say the your Taurus will do just fine on large game, id have to say on large game such as that id keep my max range at about 100 yards. Now on Whitetails its a little different ball game lol your range can be extended to about 150-200. I've already taken them from 175 yards with know problem using Hornady 240 XTP Mags. place the shot well the first time and there will be no problems.
Good luck
I limit my shots to the range I can put all shots on a paper plate....I know, not the most technical way but it seems to work for me
Yes i would deff Agree Hairtrigger. That Taurus will Shoot as well, as the shooter. I know a lot of people have there Opinions About them, and I've Shot many Rugers in my day, and yes they are Amazing Weapons. But You'll never touch a 454 Casull that's performs as well as that Taurus Raging bull Does for the price. Most People out there basis things on there preferences, and not always on facts. Its more about how you feel, and what your comfortable with.
hope to hear more Info on this forum keep them coming Gents
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