444 Marlin

Speed Trap

Oct 21, 2008
Just picked up TC Encore in 444 Marlin. Its a TC Custom barrel and is 20" long. Looks wicked! Don't know much about the 444 Marlin, so looking to you for input....
I believe the 444 Marlin came out about 1964 and was first chambered in the Marlin 444:D. I have never owned one but had three different friends that did and they ALL shot sub MOA with good loads at 100 yds. I really have been quite amazed at the accuracy for a lever gun! I don't know how they shoot in other rifles. They are a real stopper inside two hundred yards......Rich
It is not a necked down 45-70. Different size case.

Correct. It is a different case entirely, much stronger. I also have an Encore in this cartridge but mine was a .44 Magnum reamed to .444 Marlin by David White at D & T Custom Gunworks. D&T Custom Gunworks Forum

It is quite a handful in a pistol. Mine likes the Hornaday LeverEvoloution 265 grain ammo in factory form. Check out HAWK bullets for reloading, the 300 grains x .025 HP will nearly tear a whitetail in half. Be prepared for a little meat loss, tracking is nearly nil. Farthest I've had to track one is only the distance from where is was standing to where it hit the ground after it was knocked off it's feet. Some of the other HAWK offerings might be a little less destructive.
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