44 vs 50mm?

Discussion in 'Long Range Scopes and Other Optics' started by Canvsbk, Dec 22, 2012.

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  1. Canvsbk

    Canvsbk Well-Known Member

    Apr 17, 2012
    Maybe somebody can help an old guy out. Many scopes come in either 44 or 50mm objective, where I come from bigger is better but I must be missing something here. Why would a man want a 44 when he can have a 50? Is it the glare factor? Ring height?
    Getting ready to drop hundreds in a new scope, don't want to make a mistake....
  2. Sully2

    Sully2 Well-Known Member

    Feb 28, 2011
    Less cost; less weight and if you hunt mainly during daylight hours the added lens diameter won get you jack squat. Morning and evenings....sure...but midday...NADA.
  3. tulku

    tulku Well-Known Member

    Dec 9, 2005
    One factor to consider is cheek weld ie the distance to your eye above where you comfortably cheek the Stock . The Scope Objective ACTUAL Diameter , Base & Rings will dictate this . As far as light gathering , one Brand 50 may or may not be brighter than another Brands 44 ...... Number of elements , type of glass & coatings , etc . Then you can consider the various tube Diameters and Brands , etc . to determine if you are happy with Vertical adjustment Range . Then there's the Macho factor of the 50s which I think sells some Scopes ..... the bigger is better syndrome .