.408 Status???

Darryl Cassel

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May 7, 2001
Hello Warren

I too have been sitting on the cases and bullets I received from you just waiting on the action my friend (Bud Williams) and I want. He will be building one and so will I.

When I get it together, I will let you know the results we are obtaining. It looked very interesting from the start to me and I didn't want to go to the 50 cal.

Running the BC and speed on my Oehler Ballistic program, the 408 does out perform the 50 as per retained speed from the velocity you have suggested I could get with the 36" barrels.

Take care and thanks for posting all the information.

Anybody who graduated from West Point is a class act as far as I'm concerned, no matter what the degree in hand says.

Darryl Cassel


From a perspective of a person just learning about all this LR stuff.. and knowing what I know about some of the people on this site ( as well as my Dad also graduating from "the point") I would offer this advice...

Warren, post all the info you can, without saying what you can't. I realize your slow days are busier than most of our busy days....

Catshooter.. this site ain't for ****ing contests. Go to 24 hour campfire for that. I think it wouldn't be a far cry to say that Warren knows more about the ballistics and testing of such in a manner consistient of things you/me/we can't comprehend or may have a hard time understanding. Not a guy you want ot argue ballistics with... common guy lighten up....


OK, now who want to build and buy me one of those puppies.. I gotta have one !!!!!

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Jul 6, 2002
I think that before to purchase a Porsche car I learn to drive on a more commun car .

So before to plan to built in the future a terrific rifle of your dream why not :

built a shotable rifle and learn to shoot with a rifle as follow

Rem 700 action long blue print with Sako extractor $600
recoil lug $30
300 RUM match chamber barrel with 32 inch lenght 1.350 diameter 1 inch at the muzzle
$450 fitted
one barrel spare $400
a MacMillan Tooley or a MacHale stock
with bedding and trigger guard $500
a good trigger from Jewell's $200
a set a tapered base $100
a set of rings $150
a Leupold Premier 6.5x20 LR $900

and $700 in brass ,bullets , powder and reload dies and reloading stuff .

with $4000 you can start to shoot with a good and complete equipement and start to learn how to shoot with a real rifle and STOP to dream .

Get the very best rifle on the earth never make of you the best shooter of the earth ,and amazing caliber never help you to shoot better without to have learn the basic point of long range shooting .

for me 30.378 is one of the very bad caliber I have never shoot , overbore for 30 cal , costly , nor realy accurate , that perhaps was a intresting wilcat in the pass that make poor commercial cartridge .
338 Lapua is far better with better design for long range shooting , a simple SAKO in 338 LM is better for long range as a 30.378 WEA and specialy the factory Weatherby .

Good shooting

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