SOLD/EXPIRED 4-SALE F-Class rig. Very nice!! Dasher!! Pics!!


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Sep 27, 2008
Ferias no f-class in this area so i am offering up my new 6mm dasher f-class rig for sale. Rifle is like new with less than 50 rounds fired. Here is a rundown!

-Lawton 7500 dual port 308 bolt polished action.
-Krieger gain twist 7.8-7.3 stainless Hv Barrel
-Mcmillan f-class stock with adj cheek piece.
-Jewell trigger
-20moa base
-no scope
-pillar beaded by tom meredith
I am sure i am leaving something out so please ask any questions you may have. this is an awesome rifle that will shoot one hole at 100 yards. I dont have any load development as i havent gotten the chance to stretch its legs. I need 2800 firm on this rifle. Jon Beanland is the smith! Thanks Lee 217-246-0787


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