4 doe tags, 4 dead deer

Big Sky

Feb 26, 2002
Northeast Montana
This is what happens when 4 Montana does meet a Remington Mountain Rifle LSS 7mm08 and a George Gardner/Celt 300 Win. Mag. The light weight was for the 300 yards and under work the 300WM for the 300+ work. It was a good team. Done by noon Saturday morning. Guess somebody forgot to tell a couple of these deer that Match Kings don't work (Big Grin)

I understand I am a nobody here, but does anyone else find this picture undignified of the deer? Just a thought. Looks bad to me. They look conquered instead of respected. I understand sharing pics and i admit I do not know how it would have looked better, maybe a person in the pic if possible. Just a thought, maybe it is just me.

5Redman8, you are certainly entitled to your opinion. Considering the temperatures on a hunt like this we were lucky just to get the camera's to work let alone playing Mr. Photographer and worrying about composition. When the choice is between freezing one's nuts off and getting a quick photo the quick photo wins everytime.
Great Job on the deer guys

How many was shot with the 300 @over 300

ant what loads were used just out of curiosity.
For the sensitive maybe this photo is more appealing although I really don't see much difference personally. The kid on the right side of your screen just returned after serving the past 6 months in the middle east with the army. I promised him we would get out hunting ASAP upon his return. It was a good trip for both of us and a promise I enjoyed keeping.

Loads for the 300WM were 190gr Match Kings. I don't know anything beyond that as it wasn't my rifle or loads. The 7mm08 was stoked with Hornady's Light Magnum 139gr. SST's. Two shots under 300 yards, two shots over 300 yards.
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