SOLD/EXPIRED 4.5-14x40 VXIII LR with turret


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May 14, 2012
I'll try this again with some pictures. For sale is the scope listed. Custom turret calibrated for a .30-378. I put this scope on my wife custom 7mm 2 years ago with the intent of ordering a new cap with her #'s. After several practice sessions out to 800 yds., it was clear that we didn't need the cap. Her rifle hit everything out to 800 with my cap. The scope is in great condition with minor spots where the shiny aluminum shows through the black. Really minor but must be mentioned.Namely the side focus knob, turret cap and eyepiece. These are not dings or dents. We do not abuse our gear, but we do use it. I think maybe from our cordura seat covers in the pickup. Scope is still on 7mm so it may have some light ring marks. I called Leupold 2 days ago just to see what a new customized cap would go for with another load, and they said it would be done for 60 bucks. Duplex reticle with small dot above crosshairs and 3 below. Asking $500.00 shipped with 30mm rings.


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