4-14*50LR tactical vs 3,5-10*40m3 LR


Aug 29, 2002
Is Leupolds 4-14*50LR tactical to mutch if i am going to hunt in dusk/dawn up to 500 meters, Or is the 3,5-10*40m3LR a better choice.
They are both fine scopes, the 3.5-10 LR M1 is more similar to the operation of the 4-14 since the M3 is a unique turret that has much coarser adjustments. Uses trajectory collars that may or may not match your ammo and only requires one revolution from top to bottom.

The 3.5-10's (M1) have MK4 turrets on them, much heavier and nicer turrets. The 4-14 is quite a bit bigger in overall size, it is a fine scope. We hunt with both, but on the range we always shoot tighter groups with the 14's since you can hold better.

Unless we are setup in a hide or blind with a good rest, we rarely carry the scope on maximum power.
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