3rd bullet in cold air to go straight at 1k

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Jan 6, 2003
The rifle range, or archery range or behind the co
In very cold dense air at around sea level where I live, I am limited in what bullets I can take to 1k due to my choice of cartridge (24" 308). So far during the winter months over the course of 4 years, I have only had 2 bullets to punch straight holes at 1k, the 155 Palma and the 175 SMK. Latley I have been using the 178 AMAX due to the incredible accuracy they give from my rifle. I Was afraid that they wouldnt make it to 1k like all the rest, and that would suck because it is sooo accurate.

I went out to 800 yesterday and had a not so productive day. I didnt hit the cardboard box but once due to poor wind judgment and a dirty barrel. Today, w/a clean rifle and a good nights sleep, I shot again at 800 with twice the wind as yesterday. I hit 4" right and 4" low but it grouped 2.000" The second group fired (after corrections were made) hit right where planned and the group measured 2.750"!! I know some can beat that w/room to spare, but for me this is way cool.

I then took it to 1k. After a couple shots and adjustments, I fired a group. That didnt do as good (12.75") but the cool thing was there was less than 4" of verticle separation! The wind was some what eratic. If I learn to dope the wind better or shoot when there is no wind, I think this is my best load ever.

This is now the 3rd bullet my rifle will shoot straight at 1k

Can someone vouch for their performance on deer sized game to 800 yards?? I am currently working on what I am going to use this june for black bear and August for dall sheep. MV is 2550 but hunt at 4000-5300 feet in 50-60 degree air

Thanx for any input

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