SOLD/EXPIRED 375 YES (375-408 CheyTac)


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Aug 30, 2010
This is a custom built 375-408 Chey Tac, built by Dave Young in Tracy, Montana. It is his own version of the 375 CT, which necks down the parent 408, and then takes out taper on first firing (pic shows fireformed 375 YES by a 408 CT factory round). His version is virtually identical to the 375 snipe-tac. In fact, Dave Viers did the dies. But, since Young had his idea on his own, he calls it the 375 YES (Young Extreme Sledgehammer). Dave is an excellent rifle builder, and stands behind his work. Which is why I ended up with this rifle being available. We started out a few years ago with the goal of the ultimate in power for a rifle that could be carried modest distances, so we kept rifle to about 13 pounds so it could come it at 15 pounds ready to hunt. Rifle is built on an early model Lawton single shot action, has Manners T3 stock with picatinny rail up front for heavy duty bipod, as well as side mounted sling stud; jewell trigger with bottom safety. Dave came up with a modification for the muzzle brake to deflect the muzzle blast, so that it is safe for your spotter/guide to be off to the side. It looks funny (I think it looks like an alien, some folks say it is a flower) but it works. Unfortunately, we had one of the early, good Lawton Barrels, but sent the original back for contouring, and the barrel we got back did not shoot well. So, Dave took the rifle back and re-barreled it, and it now has a McGowen 1:10 twist barrel. I think we ended up going 28", but forgot to check before posting. Testing indicates that it may not work quite so well with the 350 smk's, but the longer 370 grain Rocky Mountain bullets seemed to shoot well. However, in the intervening time, I have gotten a couple other rifles built that do well enough long range. And, even with a brake, this is not a fun rifle to shoot very much. So, I do not see myself getting the time to tune this one up and use it. I played with it a little, shooting 50 rounds that had been fireformed in old barrel, and fireforming another 50 during break-in and testing. Since Dave used my brass/ammo to test fire, I think that is the total round count. Rifle will come with custom dies, +- 97 pieces of brass, with one having been drilled and tapped for a Hornady OAL/seating depth gauge. Rail included (think it is 30moa, but forgot to check before posting). I did my testing/fire forming earlier last year, and then was in hunting season prep mode. I recently took it out to burn up the last of my ammo, and got results about the same as in testing. Included is picture of the 3, 3 shot groups I got at 100 yards. Targets for 350 smk are so-so, 370 RMB were better.

Price is $3999, including shipping (rifle w/base, dies, brass). Scope for sale separately (see details on Optics for sale forum). Will consider trades for custom rifles or optics. In particular, I am thinking I need a fast twist 6mm of some sort (243, 243 AI, 6mm, etc, set up for 105 VLD and longer). Or, a really light, accurate carry rifle (such as HS PHL, Rifles Inc Strata) that is in the 5-6 pound range, with sufficient power for elk (preferably 7mm wsm or larger, but not more than a 30 cal in one of the magnums).


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