.375 H&H bullets performance.

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    Guest Guest

    Hello, all. I shoot a lot of camels and donkeys in the north of West Australia for pet food, and pigs [hogs], goats, an 'roos [ kangaroos- shot under permit of eradication] and have a few dozen recovered projectiles, at least, from my .375H&H, .270Win, and the light game rifle- .243Win. I'll get my act together an try to put in some photos of these as I have an interest in the performance of projectiles. I mainly use Australian 'Taipan' projectiles and Winchester failsafes.
  2. Brent

    Brent Well-Known Member

    Jun 12, 2001
    Welcome aboard Brett.
    Have you used the GS Custom bullets from South Africa? I've got some here to try out in my 416 Weatherby. I like the Failsafes, their accurate in the guns I've shot them in. The Ballistic Silvertip a touch better though.

  3. Brett.A.Williams.

    Brett.A.Williams. New Member

    Jan 13, 2004
    G'Day, Brent, thanks for your reply and the photos, I need to work out how to do that, I've got the digital camera, so will get my 12 year old lad to help me out, as he's the techno-wizard. I can then post some photos for you blokes. Anyway, the X bullets are outrageously expensive, as are the Australian Woodleigh projectiles, all going for Aus 1$ per bullet.I get 1000 Taipan .375 cal 250 gr soft points for 40 cents each from the manufacturer.
    The 270 gr Win fail safes are just superb on the camels, as you would expect, but the projy will collect the next camel on the other side also! This is not good for me as I detest wounding them. The meat shooting [minimum meat damage]humane killing shot is behind the front shoulder through the heart & lungs, or to the brisket on frontal shots, probably the same placement and angles you use to iron out your big game animals.
    I'll talk loads an distances [ 400 meters max for me]soon as I've gotta go.