SOLD/EXPIRED 375 Cheytac $2850

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    Jan 27, 2007
    Built by Lawton Machine when Barney was running the place.


    1.Lawton 8000 single shot action with helical fluted bolt,tactical style bolt knob and 40 moa steel base.
    2.Rifle Basics trigger set at 1.5 lbs,no safety.
    3.Machined aluminum trigger guard.
    4.32" fluted Lawton LRB spec 11.5 twist barrel with Lawton brake.
    5.Old style Macree's aluminum chassis with removable,fully adjustable butt stock.On the bottom of the stock is a custom aluminum bag rider.The chassis has a machined 1" thick 3" wide piece of steel installed for 3" wide front rest.Also comes with the original aluminum forend with bipod stud.
    Weighs 22lbs with scope and aluminum forend and 34lbs with steel forend.With the heavy forend the rifle is very shooter friendly.
    Round count is approx 1050 with 1/3 the shots with light fireforming loads and 300gr Sierra game kings back when I had to neck down 408.

    I have loads worked up with 370gr Rocky mountains,350 Hookers and 330 Lehigh's.Included in the sale is about 150 Jamison 2star 375CT headstamp brass.The brass has been "fully" benchrest prepped.I'll send whatever I have left of the loaded ammo.
    The rifle comes with Lawton custom dies,shellholder,cleaning rod and bore guide.

    The rifle still shoots well.The last group I shot recently for the load work up with the Rocky 370's was all three shots touching at 300Y.I called it good

    $2750 OBO

    The Nightforce 5.5-22x56 mil/mlr and Warne rings can be sold with the rifle for an additional $1600.

    2000 and 2500 yards.Look for the patterns.Mostly 350 Hookers.

    1450Y.Windy conditions.Small copper colored splats are the 330 Lehighs.The bigger splats are from my 30 cal.

    1000Y,Lehighs 330's 2 4 shot groups at different depths.[​IMG]
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