375-408 CheyTac (Kirby Alert!!!!!!) question


Thanks for reopening this topic. I have given a lot of thought to your insights concerning the behavior of the boundary layer and its possible effects of reducing base drag. I have devised a classical spring potential equation to establish a harmonic oscillation model that may prove to be interesting.

However I cannot indulge this evening, as tomorrow morning, I have to give what may be the most important presentation of my business career and my concentration should be focused in that direction.

How was the shoot in Oct and what was the results?

I am one of those that has not seen any 408 shoot worth a flip consistently to include the ones Chey Tac brought to Bragg, the ones bill Shehane shoots with Lawton barrels etc.

Bill says he cannot get past 15-20 shots with what accuracy he has going down the tubes to fouling in the barrels to include Barneys. Last time I knew Bill tried at least five different Mftrs barrels and 2-3 different custom bullets without great success.

Chey Tac was here at the Marine Expo recently and they had equally nice things to say about you, so easy to see hard feelings on both sides with the blame being passed around by different parties.

When someone makes a bullet that shoots decently and consistently that is widely recognized as doing that, then it seems time to go forward. Just too dang much money for something that as best as I can see is questionable. Sorry but it seems that you are about only one saying LRBTs shoot accurately.

I think great concept and it will get there, but just not sure that it is now. Just want to see the proof other than in Idaho I guess.

Not Kirby, but I started promoting that cartridge. Others had made it first, such as Barney Lawton, Bill Shehane, etc. Cheytac only responded to the potential of that cartridge when I posted on my website and information about it. I was a former owner in the cheytac group, but walked when bad management took it over and is still driving it into the ground. Cheytac may be releaseing it in their line, but it is NOT their idea. Lately, they seem to be mastering the idea of idea stealing, then releasing a press release as if it's their own idea. I've built 3 of these 375 rifles, will release brass with a headstamp indicting credit in a different direction than Cheytac.

3 years ago, a couple of us in the company proposed the idea of 408 based cartridges and was laughed off. Now, someone wants to grab headlines by making it some novel idea. Not true. It is a great cartridge, destroys the .408 and yes, the 338/408 based guns. Supersonic range of the 375 is around 3000 yards, 2800 better than the .408.

Driving the 338 300 gr. matchking at 3300 fps still only yields 2200 yards of supersonic range. The 375 is 800 yards superior.


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