35 grain 22-250 versus the 204 ruger


Jun 7, 2009
I was thinking about dropping from a 55 gr v-max to a Winchester 35 gr. I want to use my howa axiom in 22-250 for woodchuck in the spring. I thought this set up would be better and cheaper then buying a 204 ruger, seing as how I already have the 22-250. The rate of twist in my gun is 1 in 14 with a 24 inch bull barrel. Is there any down side to going to such a fast bullet, will it wear out my barrel any faster. Currently the 55 gr is flying 3680 and the 35 gr would fly at 4350 fps.


The extra powder and speed will wear the barrel faster. I like the 55gr in my 22-250. The lighter bullets slow down very fast. If you are shooting any distance you would the 55gr. For chucks you want the extra punch the heavier bullets pack. If you want a little more speed go to the 50gr.

Mark Schronce
You will definitely have more barrel wear with the lighter bullets. Grain for grain, the 204 will definitely out shoot the 22-250. If you look at the ballistic coefficients of the 39grn Sierra Blitzking versus the 35grn Win bulletk, the Blitzking is going to win. Your speed will be a little less, but your barrel wear would be better in the 204.

The 35 gr. bullets were designed for the Hornet and top velocities around 3,000 fps. and I`n not sure they would hold up to 4,000 fps. I play with a couple of hot rods and have seen the grey streek as the bullets fly appart, and if you try them you also may get to see that exciting event. Problem is a water pistol will do you as much good hunting. Personally I won`t mess with them in a 250, but if that`s what turns your crank go for it.
I tried some 35 gr. Speer TNT's in my .22 K-Hornet. I haven't found a good load for them yet and they are are a real pain in the *** to load. The bullet is so short that it's hard to set them on the case mouth and seat them without pinching your fingers between the case mouth and the seating die. :rolleyes:
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