.35 Belted Newton info?


Apr 26, 2011
So I am about to have a .35 Belted Newton come into my possession from a family friend.
Has anybody heard of this caliber? If so, what can you tell me about it?

Does anyone have experience reloading for this old beast?

Many thanks for the help!

PBR driver

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Oct 14, 2009
Afton, Wyoming
I know this is an old question but here is a quick reply.
The .35 Newton was produced in the early 1900's as a Big Game / African cartridge.
It was reported to have more poop than the .375 H&H with some loads.
The rifle that Newton produced in this caliber was about 7.5 pounds and was known to shatter the wrist under recoil.
A word of warning is in order...
Using load data that was printed that was officially printed back in the day with the newly produced powders ( such as 4064, 4320, 3031ect) can be dangerous.
Newly produced powders have more energy per grain than even 10 years ago!
The Newton line of calibers were way a head of their day gaining more velocity than most calibers could in 1913!
A great caliber to hunt with in a properly built rifle.
Some load data that was printed you may find in the #1 Speer manual, an older Herters manual but do not load straight from them due to the warning above!
Hope this helps.

**A side note, I have not looked into it yet but it has been reported that the .375 Ruger may be based on the .35 Newton**lightbulb