340 Wby Mag


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Feb 5, 2008
north Alabama
What velocities are you guys getting with a 225 - 250gr. bullet ? I just picked one up in a Sako TRG-S, and am looking for a good load.
Thanks, bb204
I have one and my father shoots one as well. Here is our data but keep in mind these are hunting rifles not long range dedicated rifles.

Dads- Weatherby Accumark 26" barrel. Barnes TTS 225 gr, 90Gr RL 19 at 3150fps-fastest and most accurate

Mine-Custom Rifle, Lilja 24" barrel, Barnes TTS 225gr, 86gr of RL 19 at 3025fps - Could push it faster but this is the most accurate and lowest SD.

We have tried other bullets, Accubond, TBBC, Scirroco mainly. and nothing is accurate as the Barnes TTS for hunting.

Good luck and let us know how it does.
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