SOLD/EXPIRED 340 WBY Fibermark Mark V Custom


Mar 19, 2010
340 Weatherby Mag FIBERMARK MARK V FINAL PRICE !!!! $ 725.00 THIS WEEKEND !!

Rifle is set up with a custom ordered dark timber camo stock from weatherby, Ported Barrel. Shooting this rifle with brake is very nice...recoil energy was very close to my .338 federal (around 21 ft lbs).... Also has a trigger job Done. This Fibermark is in Very good condition. There is one scuff(nick) on stock which i called weatherby and they said to go to a automotive parts store or hobby shop and match paint and filled it in with a couple of coats. I live in missouri. Price is $ 725.00 dollars LOWERED FROM $ 800.00 i took this gun to africa last year and gun has only been shot 20 times. The reason i am selling it is because i have another gun i want to buy.
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