338rum 300 smk

2950 with Retumbo out of a 32" Rock Creek barrel. There is a little more speed left, but kept it there for safety (just in case!).
2950! that's screamin! whats the point of an edge if your getting 2950 from a 32" tube? That would put you at at least 2800 or better with a 30". Just planning my 338 build and looking for ideas, any suggestions let me know
Agreed. Go with the RUM. The money you save on the RUM brass versus the Lapua mag will easily buy you a LOT of the 300 gr SMK's. Brass life is close or the same for the two calibers.
2950 fps...I'd check my chrono. What altitude are you getting that at and what's your load. A 338 Edge 300 smk running a 30 inch tube 2865 and the Edge uses about 5% more powder 6-7 grains.
I shoot a lapua,but a mate has a 338 rum 30"barrel and 2800 fps is a very hot load in his rifle.
I too shoot a 338rum with a 300 gr. at 2975 fps with 93 grs. of Retumbo, out of a 30" Pac Nor three grove barrel.Never had any trouble being to hot at 1000 ft. or 90 degree weather.Easy to extract from chamber. I can tell you I shoot a 180 gr. BT at 3600 fps with no trouble ,and a 225 gr at 3300 fps. I use 4831 SC with a 180 and 225 gr. SST with H-1000. Tim
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