.338 win mag or 300 win mag


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Mar 20, 2019
Ontario Canada
Hi folks,
I am new to this website and have heard many good things. I am hoping to get some help. I am looking at buying a Ruger Guide Gun in either a .338 or .300 win mag. Not sure which way to go and what scope to put on this gun??
I reside in Ontario and I hunt Moose, Black Bear and Elk and usually my longest shot would be no more than 400 yards , but normally shots taken are no more than 150 yards.
I presently have an A bolt Browning in .300 wsm, but looking to purchase a Ruger all the same. Is the .338 too much gun for my needs? I also have a 30-06 Rem Woodsmaster which I have shot many whitetail with.
Any advice is greatly appreciated.


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Dec 30, 2013
Winchester, Wy.
With good bullets, either would work. But, for my money....hands down the .338WM! We’re using Barnes 225 TTSX’s @ 2950 fps mv, in my wife’s .338 WM. Her .338 (using 225 Barnes bullets from the X to the TTSX) has worked quite well for 24 years, on everything from antelope/deer to moose at ranges from 30 yards to 400+yards. Almost all have been one shot kills. memtb
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Sep 4, 2009
Malta NY
As far as scope, ~ 10x max and something with good eye box and eye relief.

I just purchased an older Kahles on this site for similar use. Hunting rifle with some umph. It has a ballistic turret set up like the Swavorski scopes. Which if I was buying new, would be on my short list.


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Sep 5, 2018
From what you are describing my scope choice would start at 2x and go to 12x or so. You will want good eye relief so don't get a cheap scope. If it were me I would look at the Leupold VX5 HD line in a 2-10. That said I just picked up a Ziss Conquest 4-16 and it has good eye relief and is nice and clear about the same price as the VX5 line.
I agree with the others get the 338. Good to hear from another Cadian.


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Feb 9, 2019
Scope depends on your budget. Low end Leopold vx3 or nikon monarch. High end - Swavorski. 2-10 power is a great range but for hunting out to 400 yards 6 power is enough.


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Jul 26, 2015
I have hunted with .300 and .338 Win Mags for years. Nowadays, with the selection of bullets available, either will do for most animals. In the same rifle, using the same bullet weight, you will be using about the same amount of powder and, therefore, generating about the same amount of recoil. The .338 gives you more bullet versatility on the heavy animals and the .300 on the lighter ones. Hunting anything from deer on up I prefer a .338. As for a scope, I don't like big clunky scopes when going through the bush. My present favourites are Leupold Vx3i 2.5 x 8 and the VXR 2 - 7.

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Jun 16, 2010
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I have a Ruger Guide Gun in the .375 Ruger. I bought it for a trip to hunt Sitka Blacktail deer on Kodiak Island (I heard there's some bears up there). It is a GREAT gun! Very handy, reliable and tough as hell. I love the gun. I shot a couple Blacktails with it. One at 310 yards, and the other was a 75 yard off hand shot (pictured below).

You already have two .30 calibers rifles. I suggest you consider the .375 Ruger. If not, then I would definitely recommend the .338 Winnie . You can't go wrong with either.

Make sure you wear hearing protection though. It's "painfully" loud!

2016 AK Sitka Blacktail-1.JPG

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