338 Super

J E Custom

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Jul 29, 2004
3000 fps without excessive pressure would be quite an
accomplishment with the RUM case.

Hope everything works out, if so I know what I'm rechambering
to next.

Remember, I am not trying to get Max velocity with a 300 grain 338 (I would probably
go with a Excalibur) but just trying to see what can be done with a Rum Case.

In theory I should be able to exceed the 300/338 or the 300/338 AIs velocity without all of
the pressure. I would like this to be the case but who knows. According to PO Ackley there
is a limit to usable case capacity and i have personally seen this (I have a 30/378 that will
prodeuce a 30' fireball in front of the muzzle) from unburnt powder when copious amounts
of the slowest powders are used.

If it doesent reach 3000 ft/sec with a 300 grain bullet it will be ok. I will just have to evaluate
whether it is worth the trouble or not for the gain.

So Far there has been some interest In this project so I will keep going on it until I have a
clear understanding of all the pluses and minuses.

I finished my dies and can start reloading and testing now.

Thanks to all for the interest in this project (I Though I might be wasting my time but apparently