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    Jul 27, 2010
    Im settin on a fence with a spring rifle build project, and the more I investegate the old threads on this cal. the more intrested I am, so with that and Im sure mr.Kirby will give all his proffesional advice as will all eperianced owners of this canon.
    1st Question what is the realistic barrel life of this round as a long range hunting outfit with regular barrel cleaning and not maxing the horsepower.
    1000rds?? prolly shot 200 a year.
    2nd whats a suffiecant barrel length and contour, this is not a walking rifle. (will be hauled around on a wheeler..lol). as in to some degree. weight not a problem prolly 19-21lbs?
    3rd prolly be sticking to the off the shelf big wig manufactor bullets such as sierra's (300grner). whats twist is working..10?
    4th I owned a 18lb 338 lapua imp (with brake)and recoil didnt bother me nor blast, so what can one expect for recoil? Is it that BAD?!
    5th also didnt see alot of pics of a proportional bult rifles as in everything looks inproportionas in big barrel, big action and big stock im a looks guy and was lookn at Mcmilons MCHALE stock seemed to be bigger everywere. does anyone shoot with this stock.
    5th well im sure ill think of something!!!

    Also the 338 AM is a thought being Kirby has preformed brass

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  2. ewallace

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    Mar 17, 2002
    Here is a video of me shooting a 375 Cheytac 20 Pound rifle 34" lawton barrel
    You should be expecting that kind of recoil with a good brake.
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    Jul 18, 2008
    I went with the AM just for the preformed brass. For a stock I went with a a5. 32 in barrel but mine will be more of a walking around so if yours is not I would put a 34in.
  4. lazylabs

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    Oct 26, 2006
    I just got my snipetac 338 barreled action in a couple days ago. Dave does great work and he also offers preformed brass as well as a great set of dies with micrometer adjustable seating die. Contact Dave at [email protected] and checkout his web page Black Diamond Rifles by Viersco Mfg...Custom built rifles by master rifle smith David Viers I went with a 34" barrel and a 1.5" dia brake and it looks great. The machine work is great at a very reasonable price. I will post an update on performance once I get the stock done.

    The 338 AM is a touch more case capacity but it seems most don't load either of them to the max.

    As for round count, I am hoping to make 500.
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  5. timmyatnop

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    Sep 22, 2009
    Hell yea I would talk to Dave. When I called him we talked about 338 ,he seemed like a real nice guy and has lots of experience building the 338.
  6. Joel Russo

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    Jul 5, 2006
    Few thoughts to ponder...

    Everyone wants to know about realistic barrel life of these rifles..that depends on the level of accuracy you are willing to accept. If you are talking hunting rifles, then 1000 + or - rounds will be a good number.

    I have rifles with barrels that are from 30 to 34" long. My personal and professional opinion is that there is no significant advantage over a 30" barrel.

    The 10 tw will work fine for the 300 gr SMK's.

    Recoil in these 18-20lb rifles is mild with a good brake. I have one that weighs 14lbs and recoil is still manageable.

    There are stock manufacturers that make stocks that are proportionately correct to the action and barrel you choose for the build....

    There are a few builders that have brass made to their chamber specs.