.338 RUM Remington Model 700 Classic walnut stock

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    Jan 27, 2008
    338 RUM Remington Model 700 Classic (Right Hand)

    Classic walnut stock with LimbSaver recoil pad

    Blue 26" heavy sporter barrel
    (Not a bull barrel - but heavier than a regular sporter barrel)

    Less than 75 rounds through it!
    (This ain't no .30-06!!!)

    Sub MOA with Nosler 210 Partitions!
    (Email me for target group photo, and exit wound on deer cgegere@tctwest.net )

    'Took it on one hunt in grizzly country (Sunlight Basin - North of Cody, WY) with elk and deer tags.
    I killed one mule deer with it. At 200 yards, the 210 Nosler Partition hit him broadside behind the shoulder, blew his heart in half, destroyed his lungs, penetrated and exited his off-side shoulder, and just dropped him! He did not know what hit him!

    This is a right-hand 700, and I am a lefty.
    I have recently bought a 700 lefty, so, I am selling this wonderful heavy-duty right-hand model.

    Anybody interested? $500 + 25 S/H

    Email me: cgegere@tctwest.net

    Or call me: (307) 469-2377

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