338 RUM reloading info

Powders. I see most are using H-1000 or Retumbo with a bit of RL22. Has anyone used any of of general magnum recommended IMP powders? I have several IMP powders for other loads. Should I stick with H-1000 or Retumbo?
RL 25 works well as does Rl 22. Max velocities can be obtained with Rl 22, but H1000 is more stable in temp extremes. My old barrel used to like 94 gr of Rl 22 with 225 NAB at just under 3200. H 1000 only yields about 3100 max with a full case of powder. 95 gr of Rl 25 gives good results with 250 gr partions at 2970. Imr 4350 will work, but doesn't fill the case enough for my prefferance.
Thank you. I had some IMR 4831 left over so used 87 grs (89 grs is max load in Nosler book) with 225 Barnes X bullets. I will try them out in a bit. I have half a pound of this powder left so may load a few more with a 200 or 250 gr bullet. When I bought the powder years ago it was on sale and they only carried IMR locally. Now I can get H1000, RL22 and Retumbo. So I have way more selection.

Just loaded them today and I am doing some .270 Win right now. Just finally got my gear set up again in the new house.
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