338 RUM and 200 Gr. Bullets

Travis Scholten

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Aug 22, 2004
I am thinking about loading up some 200 grain Northforks in my 338 Ultra Mag for elk next year. I don't know exactly where to start with a load. Do any of you shoot 200 grain bullets through your 333 Ultra?

If so, where did you find your starting load data or what loads do you use. I know speeds very, but should I expect? Something in the 3200 FPS range? Or faster?

I appreciate any info you might have to offer.


Autumn Pulse
Autumn Pulse,

I just sent a 338 RUM out the door that I built for a customer using a Rem 700 action and Lilja barrel.

I designed my chamber to be pretty tight so compared to a factory rifle it would generate more pressure with a lower powder charge.

The load I range tested it with before shipping was 92.0 gr Rl22 under the 200 gr Ballistic Tip. I did not chrony the load as I was not concerned with velocity only group size and it shot into the 1/2 moa range with virgin brass and this load seemed plenty mild.

I did load up some fireformed cases with 94.0 gr Rl-22 and the same bullet and this load shot into the .3"s for three shot groups.

Nolser lists a little over 3200 fps with 93.0 gr of Rl-22 so I figure these loads would be in the 3250 fps range pretty easily.

For a starting load I would drop to 90 gr and work up with Rl-22. Seems to be a great powder with the 200 gr pills in the 338 RUM.

Good Shooting!!!

Kirby Allen(50)
Thanks Fifty Driver

I currently have 225 Accubonds loaded up with RL 22 and they shoot really nice as well. However I figured I would drop the bullet weight, up the construction of the bullet, (northforks) and see if I could get a little flatter performance at 300+ yards.

Does Nosler list data for a 200 grain bullet in the 338 ultra?

Thanks again.
I've had a 338 RUM sendero since it came out. I have loaded many different bullets through it with good results. For the game that this chambering is meant for you can't beat the 225 accubond. For ranges longer than 700 yards you may be better off with a 300 SMK but I will tell you I am very recoil tolerant and this round gets to me (or should I say my eye). There was a gentlemen who went by the name of Guy who had a weath of data etc. for the 338. PM me and I'll let you in on my data.

The new Nosler manual has data for the 338 RUM and the entire line of Nosler .338" bullets.

What game will you be hunting with your 338?

I would have to agree that for an all around bullet for anything from deer to moose at 10 yards to 600 yards, the 225 gr Accubold would be hard to beat.

Another bullet to consider is the Wildcat Bullets 225 gr Bonded Core FBHP. This is a very serious bullet with an extremely heavy jacket designed for use on only heavy game such as elk.

It has shot well out of the 338 RUMS I have tested as well as my 338 Kahn.

Good Shooting!!!

Kirby Allen(50)
Also consider the 210 grs,. scirocco!!
I've had some good results with that one, accyracy as well.
But on large game such as moose, I've used 225 and 250 grs, A-frames.
And those performed perfectly!!
I got my info off the web. I located a guy that has tested alot I mean alot of rifle and handguns and has all this load dada that he would let you copy what you wanted and thats where I got my dada from using RL25. He has all powders listed also. I have shot some rounds loaded with RL25 and it shoots a pretty tight group at 200 yds bullets about 3/4" apart three shot group
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