338 Norma mag cip reamer

I have 2 normas.The chambers are almost identical, and I shoot the same load in both. I min bump shoulder and have to watch it a bit and check that I bump it enough as one is very slight difference.I have a few dot on my sizing die to micro it or sometimes just run threw sizer again.Im also using the forester micro. I have shot the 300 otm and still do, out of both.Both 1:10x 26'' braked, on Defiance.One light KK Jense build and other is a Proof tact II.bare 7, and 9 #.Retumbo gets me 2725-50, in the 89 gr. are F215M.I do have some 240 BBD that I'm going to play with, which I did shoot a 6x6 with but it was a chip shot. Ive had both these over ten years, and taken similar game with them although the heavier is my practice rifle, I've loaned it to first timers and friends of my son for across canyon shots