338 Nawakwa project


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Mar 17, 2002
I had a 1.450 10t lilja 17 3/4" barrel laying around and decided to chamber it for the 338 Nawakwa on a Lawton action with a Mckree aluminum stock Jewell 2oz trigger and topped it off with a 30 moa base Bear Rings and a 8x32x56 Nightforce scope. I loaded up some 300g SMK with 90 to 92g of H1000 and some Retumbo loads 100g and am going to test them tomorrow. Hopping for just over 2700fps.
it is a 338 lapua imp here is a link to a pic of the case with others to compare
What is your McKree stock like? Curious about velocity and groups, like everyone else.
May be a stupid ? but what is the benefit of this over a straight 338 lapua improved?

Not tryin to flame you here just looking to learn a bit!
Thanks for the reply. I have a friend here that is building his 3rd XP for hunting. He is interested in the stock. Who sells them? We have used Brown and HS stocks before.
What is done to the case? I assume it is blowed out a bit and shoulder angle changed?
The neck is pushed forward shoulder angle is steepened and min taper on the case in a rifle I am shooting 100g of Retumbo with the 300g SMK at 3050fps out of a 32" Barrel
I was shooting H1000 I shot loads from 90g to 94g

Actually it was your specific stock that got the ball rolling. The pictures in "Handgunner" of the 1000 yd shoot in Sundance aroused curiosity. We had seen a lot of XP stocks over the years, but none like that. I have been in conversation with Richard Mertz about several of us from Green River coming up to his shoot this June. Thanks.

Hope you can make it to Mertz's shoot-It will be a lot of fun.
If you have any questions about the shoot, give me a call.
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