SOLD/EXPIRED 338 lapua

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    Aug 13, 2007
    I had GAP build me a 338lapua barreled action and then put it in a mcmillan agjustable A5 that was bedded for this action.stock has a nick behind bolt releace next to tang. this is built on a pheonix action with a ptg bolt.the barrel is a 28 inch 9.7 twist bartlein m40 barrel.has a badger M5 with 2 mags. also a jewell trigger set at 1lb. will come with a seekins 20 moa base. the barrel is threaded 3/4x24 i never installed a brake since i ony shot this with my suppressor. this rifle only has 49 rounds down and show promise to be a tack driver. if you want this to say gap on the side you will ahve to send in and have GAP bedd it. i do have the receipt for the barrelled action and will provide with purchase. the bipod is not included but if you want the rings and 5.5x22x50 nxs with npr1 for an additional cost.
    i also have bushing dies, brass and bullets for sale to the buyer only
    rifle-2850 shipped to your ffl
    scope-1450 with rigns only to buyer of rifle