338 Lapua with 300 MK

c east

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Jan 2, 2002
New Mexico
I want to use 4831 either H or IMR and find 85 grs as max at one site( accuratereloading.com)
nearly 12 grs more than max load at Normas site......I don't want to back off too much with
this powder...Can anyone help out...I have these powders on hand and would like to use them to
break in the barrel...
Thank you


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Oct 25, 2001
Altus, OK

Norma states on their site that they only used the load once. I would start at 77 or 78 grains of H4831. This is around the STARTING load in the Hornandy reloading manual for 250 grain bullets.

You would probably be safe to start at 80, but since I don't know your reloading techniques, I would start low (it's better to be safe than sorry). But 77 or 78 grains would be a real safe starting point.

I have used 80 grains of H4831 with 250 grain bullets as a light practice load, to break-in/get used to the Lapua in the past. It is a very light load for the 250 (I think 90 grains is max for a 250).

I hope I haven't confused you any more. Let me know how it goes or if you need any more info.

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