338 lapua where to start??

infidel 811

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Jun 3, 2013
looking to start a build on a 338 lap or edge. any advice with out blowing the bank? id like to start off with a barreled action. 700 action? this will not be a hunting rifle. I would like to put it in a tac 21 chassis system or similar. whats the best route I should go? thanks.

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If going 338LM, IIWM forget the 700 action, go Weatherby, CZ or custom.

338Edge is different, while I would prefer a Mark V action, I believe it can be done with a 700 action. Others can comment more on that as the largest 700 I have is a 300RUM. Of course the 375 RUM is a 700 action so you pays you money and you gets you choice.

With a 338WM Wby Mark V or any Wby Mark V in 340Wby you could just rechamber to 338Edge.

Any of the magnum bolt face Wby Mark V actions can be opened up if you choose to go 338LM and then get a new barrel.


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Sep 9, 2012
minco, ok
I have a lapua in Remington 700 its great but the build is really high dollar you can do better cheaper mark v is a great choice I built a .338 rum and got 200 rounds of brass I literally lost 40% of my brass every time I shot so I had it rechambered to lapua otherwise I would not go the 700 route
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